IT support service level agreements for dental practices

Dental IT offers SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for our support contract customers. These offer three key commitments (conditions apply, see below):

  1. 4 hour response. We commit to an initial response and intervention within 4 hours. *
  2. Same day on-site response for major and urgent problems, with same day disaster recovery. We commit to engineer attendance on the same business day (for major and urgent problems raised prior to midday). We commit to get your system back up and running by the end of the same day. **
  3. 99.9% server and network availability when your business requires it.***

In the event that we are unable to deliver our commitments as outlined in these SLAs, we will refund the customer a maximum of one month’s support contract fees, for the month in which the SLA has not been reached.


* - 4 hour response and same day on-site as required. We commit to assign and engineer to any fault raised within 4 hours, and provide an initial assessment, response and intervention within that time. Time to fix is not guaranteed, and will depend on the nature of the fault, access to the computer remotely or on-site, communications and responses from the customer.

** - We commit to have an engineer at the customer site by 24:00 the same day following a reported major or urgent problem, where the fault is raised before 12:00. A major or urgent problem would be defined as a problem that brings down the whole server and network, and prevents any user on any machine from using their IT effectively. Problems with individual workstations, or problems only affecting one or a small number of users, or problems, which can be worked around, do not classify as major or urgent. Same day disaster recovery only applies to customers with HP ProLiant servers fitted (or approved by) and maintained by Dental IT, and who have Symantec System Recovery or Backup Exec System Recovery software in place. In this case we commit to restoring your server and network back to operational status by 24:00 the same day. Note that the restored server may be a temporary spare.

*** - Uptime is calculated on an annual basis. The calculation would not include: issues caused by local power outages, issues that occur when the business does not require its IT (e.g. evenings and weekends), outages caused by planned maintenance/upgrades etc.