The Team

The Dental IT team contains a number of dedicated industry experts and professionals. With vast experience and technical ability, our broad skillset allows us to develop technology solutions and IT support to match the needs of your dental practice. Keeping ahead of advancing systems and software enables us to provide innovative and future-proof solutions at the forefront of technology.

Liam McNaughton

Founder of the company, Liam has a wealth of experience in a broad range of dental IT services and technologies, the dental industry as a whole, and practice management.

Andrew Craig

Andrew is responsible for the development of Spinnaker, our free open source dental practice management software.

Dental IT Support Team

David Edge, Aaron Denton, Shaun Lewsley, Jack Munday and Billy McNaughton.


Izzie Cheeseman and Alison Callan. Izzie and Alison look after all our office related activities.

Driver and workshop

Geoff Richards.

Consultants and Advisors

Dental IT would like to thank Ruanne Boyle and Jason Print for their continued support and recent partnership providing consultancy and expertise during the development of Spinnaker.