Case Study

Aqua Dental Spa, London

Liam and Dental IT were recommended to us through another dental colleague. The team is highly knowledgeable and consistently worked efficiently with SOE and Schick to configure our computers. Their remote support is second-to-none, always available to answer and deal with any queries we may have. If a professional and efficient IT company is what you’re looking for, we can’t recommend Dental IT enough.

- Anoop Maini and Neera Maini

The Practice

A private dental practice in central London, Aqua Dental Spa specialises in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. The technology within the dental practice was previously lacking in comparison to the prestigious reputation they had achieved.

IT Requirements

It was clear that the IT systems needed to be matched to the ambitions of the practice’s principal and owner, Anoop Maini. It became paramount to resolve major performance and reliability issues within the practice and its legacy IT system.

Integrated Solutions

Dental IT identified and planned out a migration of all current data and software to new hardware and systems including Software of Excellence EXact, Schick CDR, a large body of Office documents and images, emails and accounts. We replaced almost every IT system in the practice, including the switch and firewall, server and backup systems and many of the workstations.

HP all-in-one machines were installed in the reception and office areas; these include the PC within the screen to minimise space usage and feature notably large, 23-inch screens. The PC was also mounted to an arm for maximum flexibility during everyday use, and the surgeries adopted more traditional tower PCs with the current flat screen monitors. Crucial to the success of the systems put in place, was the completion of all work over one weekend to ensure no downtime or disruption to both staff and patients.

The Results

The following Monday morning, every workstation was fully operational, all data was accessible and digital imaging systems were working. An issue was resolved with one of the analogue intra oral cameras, which under Windows 7 and the upgraded Schick CDR, was not providing the same image quality as before. After sourcing and fitting a number of different capture cards, Dental IT achieved image quality that surpassed the original.

Having migrated the practice Internet connection onto the new network and the email onto the local Exchange server, the CCTV was then connected and configured to allow access internally from Dr Maini’s home. New third party software was installed and configured with accompanying specialist printers. The IT systems have since been entirely stable and predictable, and Dental IT is now currently preparing to install IT at Dr Miani’s new squat practice.

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