Case Study

NHS Dentist, London

As the then owners of the largest entirely NHS dental practice in the country, with 45 members of staff, we were completely reliant on the efficiency of our computer systems. We had suffered from years of incompetent IT support in hardware and finally in 2010 we did an extensive market research to establish where we should move to. Dental IT presented their company to us at a management meeting and we were immediately impressed by the thoroughness of their knowledge, their appreciation of our needs and calm approach. We did not make an immediate decision but saw other companies over a period of 2 months.

Eventually, it became blindingly obvious that Dental IT were the only company who told it to us as it was and not how we wanted it to be. They had put in the extra hours and visits to London to investigate issues that came up in that two months, advised us and even did work that was not their responsibility. We were really impressed.

They provide high standards and they expect their customers to listen to their advice for the best possible outcomes. We learnt very quickly that their advice is sound and since the day we moved to them, we have had no crashes, no slow downs and no panics. IT has faded into the background now and we can get on with what we are supposed to do, mend patients' teeth, whilst Dental IT looks after the computers, our back ups and makes our lives easy. If only we had found them before.

It is worth saying that their back room work is also efficient, billing is correct and research done quickly when a request is made.

You get what you pay for, and Dental IT are worth every penny.

- Sharon Bierer, NHS Dentist, London

The Practice

Dental IT was asked to look at a large, ten-surgery practice suffering with persistently poor performance and reliability issues, problems with backup and data loss and additional service issues. After previously working with two other major suppliers, the practice had been left at a loss with their IT systems and was in need of support.

IT Requirements

The network required a detailed audit that highlighted a number of major flaws. The network infrastructure was lacking, having evolved over the years with many added switches and extensions. Multiple servers had been installed with non-standard clustering configurations using amateur build generic servers, extremely low grade switches and iSCSI NAS devices with poor I/O capabilities. The backup system was simply not working at all.

Integrated Solutions

The size and scale of the practice determined a complete rebuild of the core network in order to ensure ‘always on’ IT systems. A total rewire of the practice was carried out alongside the current network, introducing a highly specified and well-built HP ProLiant rack-mounted server that was UPS backed, with SAS disks and hardware RAID, high end caching controller, plenty of RAM and Server 2008 64 bit.

Symantec System Recovery was used for imaging backup, and a secondary file backup came in the form of a tape backup system to a fast SAS Ultrium drive. After upgrading the Internet connectivity, we introduced a high end HP-managed switch and carried out migration works over a weekend to prevent downtime. The practice has some of the largest clinical databases in the country, which were all migrated without issue. All services were successfully running when the practice went ‘live’ with the new systems.

The Results

Since introducing the new core network, the practice has seen a huge improvement in their systems with no network downtime. Major core outages and complete failures of the backup system have been completely removed from the practice.

Dental IT continues to handle all of the practice’s ongoing maintenance and IT management, changing spare machines, failed printers and scanners, and upgrading workstations when required. We also handle upgrades to the main software packages to ensure they are carried out safely.

With thanks to Dr Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen and Sharon Bierer for their confidence in our abilities. Good luck to Dr Amir Vahdat and Dr Nancy Yousef, now at the helm of this large and extremely busy practice.

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