Broadband Access & Internet Security

Dental IT broadband, firewall technology for dental practices

The heart of any IT infrastructure, Internet access is a key priority in the everyday running of your practice. As with all of our technologies, we only install business grade Internet facilities offering the highest security measures, to ensure you reap the benefits of fundamentally stable Internet access, without the associated risk.

Our MPF product is business class, ADSL2+ speed, with no line rental costs. For more demanding sites that rely heavily on the availability of their Internet access, higher grade solutions can be configured, including SDSL, leased line and EFM solutions. We can also offer backup circuits, via ADSL or GSM (mobile) for high reliability.

A common concern among business owners and managers is the risk that staff might abuse Internet privileges, which is why we offer network configurations that limit Internet access for certain users on the network. Specified websites can also have restricted access, or be restricted by the time of day.
 Dental IT provides powerful perimeter defence technologies to remove viruses, spam, spyware and other threats at the network gateway – before they even reach the internal workstations. A sophisticated firewall, up-to-date anti-virus software and good maintenance of all Internet-connected systems will protect your infrastructure from virus attack.