Digital Radiography and Imaging Integration (DI)

Digital Radiography and Imaging Integration

Dental IT has a vast amount of experience in configuring a broad range of radiography and imaging equipment and software from leading manufacturers, including:


  • Schick Technologies
  • Soredex products such as Digora
  • Duerr products, such as Vistascan
  • Gendex
  • Kodak
  • Sopro
  • Florida Probe


  • Vixwin
  • DBSwin
  • Schick CDR
  • Examine Pro
  • Kodak Imaging (previously Trophy)
  • Dental Eye

It is imperative that your imaging software is closely integrated with your DPMS, such as Spinnaker from Dental IT, Software of Excellence EXact, Kodak R4, Arthur, Dentsys Paragon, Assisortho and DO_IT. The software and database should be set up to integrate with the patient records to allow convenient and consistent access. Practice staff should also be able to access the database from any workstation in order to reach patient images anywhere on the network, not just the surgery.

Your image database should be backed up as extensively and securely as your DPMS; this is a legal obligation for data protection and the loss of this information could be extremely damaging to the reputation of any business. We ensure the integration of any database into a local, and if applicable, remote backup schedule for the highest levels of data security.