Letting us know, with Flare


If you need to raise an issue with us, that we don't already know about, the easiest way to do this is using our Flare app. Installed to all desktop machines in the practice, this app automatically creates a ticket directly on our helpdesk. Further still, it collects all sorts of information about the machine you are working on, including:

  • The logged-in user
  • The site you are from
  • The name and IP address of the PC on the network
  • The installed software
  • Installed printers
  • Any recent errors
  • The specification of the PC
  • A current performance snapshot of the machine

With this information, the speed and quality of the response can be much better, resulting in a more efficient service to you.

Flare 2, the latest version of our application, is based on Windows Universal Application platform and is xapp based. It only runs on Windows 8 or Windows 10 as it requires .NET 4.7 or above.