Printing and Scanning

Dental scanning and printing systems

Printing and printer requirements are often based on a practice’s availability of space, print speed and quality, and its location in the front or back office. With such a vast amount of printers on offer, we can support you in specifying the exact machine to suit your needs, combined with the advice to get the most from it.

It is likely that you will require at least one printer on your reception desk and possibly one in the back office area or in surgery for perio charts and graphical estimates. Laser printers are extremely efficient for business use as they print more quickly, more crisply and without smudging, when compared to inkjet printers. Designed for maximum usage, they will also save you money in the long-term as the cartridges and toner do not have to be replaced as often.

We always recommend deploying network capable printers where possible. Although most directly connected USB printers can be shared from the computer they are connected to, higher performance and reliability is achieved if the printer stands alone on the network. Label printers are also highly practical for printing reminders and receipts quickly for patients, also preventing errors when reminders are hand-written.
 Sophisticated scanning solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the modern dental practice. Scanning your paper-based documents allows you to save on storage space, time and money, ensuring your document management, access and information sharing is as efficient as possible. From flatbed scanners to high speed document scanners, Dental IT can provide an expert solution based on the individual needs of your practice.