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By professionals. For professionals.

Spinnaker is the UK’s first free, open source Dental Practice Management Software. Actively supported and developed by respected dental professionals, the software is also fully compliant with NHS/EDI requirements.

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The complete practice workflow

Allowing you to take full control of your dental practice, Spinnaker’s powerful features help you improve everyday performance, create a better patient experience and streamline your time and costs.

  • Fully featured appointment book
  • Clinical notes and fast charting/treatment planning
  • Text messaging and email recalls and reminders
  • Powerful and unlimited reporting engine
  • Check-in screen
  • Signature pads support
  • Bridges to digital imaging software (over 60 software links supported)


Many dental practice management software solutions on the market tie you into expensive contracts and software updates. Dental IT Ltd understands that installations, training and support are not always required. As a result, Spinnaker is designed as a flexible package available with optional support, so you don’t receive unwanted assistance at an extra cost.

What’s more, because Spinnaker is based on an open source software platform, you are free to develop your own features based on your individual needs and requirements. Tailored by a capable programming partner, Spinnaker ensures you control the costs.

We are committed to providing Spinnaker for free, for good.

Inviting feedback from industry professionals, our responsibility lies within the constant improvement of the system with the addition of expandable plug-ins to enhance functionality.

Download Spinnaker

Download and use the UK’s first ever free and entirely open source, NHS EDI compliant, fully featured dental practice management software. Please note that this is public BETA software.

For updates on our advanced software, or to receive updates and offers from Dental IT, please complete our sign-up form. We are keen to hear your feedback.

Use the links below for more details about Spinnaker.

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What is 'open source'?

Our software has an open source license, meaning it can never be made commercial and will always remain free for your use. It allows developers to create additional plug-ins and versions that will further enhance the base system. Developed by a team of accomplished programmers, Spinnaker is powerful and open. The code (Open Dental) was originally created by Jordan Sparks and his team in the US. It has since been "forked" by the team at Dental IT Ltd, and Spinnaker has been developed right here in the UK, for UK dental practices.

What support can you offer me?


Our clients are offered installation, training and assistance if you require. We provide software and hardware support; however you only pay one charge per machine for both services.

Is the software customisable and able to import data?


Spinnaker can be customised by a capable programmer or contractor company. We are currently working on a method to import data from other programmes such as Software of Excellence Exact and Carestream R4.

How has Spinnaker been tested?


Built upon the fastest and most stable platforms (.NET framework, MySQL database), the core of the software has been in development and mainstream usage in the US for over ten years.

Will it link to my digital imaging software?


Our high performance Spinnaker software bridges to over 60 different digital imaging software systems, meaning all leading configurations are covered.

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