Installing to a single, standalone computer:

Installation of Spinnaker has been designed to be as simple as possible. It involves the following steps: Download the full version of the software from

Double click the installer.

Agree to the terms and conditions and click install (if UAC – user access control – is active on your machine (which it should be!) you will receive a prompt.

Spinnaker T&Cs Box

The Spinnaker setup will continue, all applications and dependencies will be automatically downloaded and installed (including .NET if required, and MySQL). The install will take a minute or two depending on the speed of you machine, and whether any components have to be downloaded and streamed into the install.

Spinnaker Progress Box

Once complete, you should see this:

Spinnaker Complete Box

You can then click launch to start the application. Choose the database you want to connect to. We suggest you look at the demo database to start with. This is “spinnakerdemo”.

Spinnaker Database Setup Box

Log into the application. All passwords in the demo installation are just “password”.

Spinnaker Login Box

Installation to a network:

This is very similar to the standalone installation.

First, download and install the full version to your server.

Then, install the client-only version to your client machines, follow the same installation process, but at the “choose database” step, input the network name of your server in the “Server Name” box. This will then display the databases available on that server.

What gets installed on the machine? (for the IT savvy only!)

Spinnaker is very well behaved and respectful of IT good practice. The installer package itself is digitally signed by Dental IT Ltd – if you do not see this digital signature, this means that the installation has been altered (and you should not install the software unless you know why and how and are happy with this!)

The MySQL setup builds a dedicated instance of MySQL_Spinnaker, with a corresponding Windows service. If you happen to be using MySQL already on your server or computer, the Spinnaker installation should not conflict with it. The actual data files are in: C:\ProgramData\Dental IT Limited\Spinnaker\Data on the server machine. The MySQL instance attached to a custom port (3307 instead of the standard 3006), again, in order to play nicely with any other MySQL instance already on the computer. The firewall port 3307 is opened as part of the installation process.

All program files are installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Dental IT Limited\Spinnaker (or without the x86 on a 32 bit machine) All local data is saved to C:\ProgramData\Dental IT Limited\Spinnaker Shares for flat files (SpinnakerImages) and exports (SpinnakerExports) are created on the server machine, and shared to the rest of the network. The actual files are stored in the C:\ProgramData\Dental IT Limited\Spinnaker location on the server.

Shortcuts to the software are created on the desktop and in the start menu.

The software can be removed from your usual control panel tool if required.